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Montrose International Group has been in business for 27 years specializing in global supply chain solutions for the food industry.


We build steady, long term and sustainable growth relationships with our global partners; maintaining 80% of the same customers, suppliers and service providers for 25+ years. We are nimble in finding solutions to the ever increasing needs of our customers now in 11 countries, and farmer grower base now in 6 countries.


We work seamlessly with a wide spectrum in our grower base, which ranges from a small half acre rural farmer to a highly mechanized 10,000 acre farmer.  Likewise, our customer base ranges from a small start-up entrepreneur to a large conglomerate with a turnover of several billion dollars.


We continuously review our operations to mitigate and manage the ever changing complexities in a farm to customer supply chain including; weather, regulations, exchange rates, logistics, packaging improvements, fresher ingredients, cleaner labels, inventory levels etc.


Our core strengths and experience allow us to identify and effectively manage every component of the global supply chain which enables us to continuously provide best available solutions to our customers. 


If you are in the food industry, please contact us to see how we can partner to initiate a sustainable and customized solution for your business.

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